john-spano-biographyJohn Spano has more than 30 years of public sector experience, including serving as Acting Commissioner of the New York State Department of General Services (2006-2007), where he was first appointed Deputy Commissioner for Support Services in 1995. Prior to that John spent ten years with the Westchester County Department of General Services in various positions, including Director of Maintenance Services. John also has private sector experience in the fleet transportation and services industry.


Operating one of the largest departments of State Government, John worked closely with the Legislative Branch, his fellow Executive Branch department heads, as well as countless county and municipal governments throughout New York.



John was instrumental in developing the State’s clean fuel vehicle program, expanding New York’s Food Distribution and Warehousing Diversion program, and instituting public/private partnerships for services delivery.

John has extensive experience in developing and awarding RFP’s and RFQ’s, and maintains a long list of contacts at the state, county and local government levels.