Representing a state-wide trade association, ESP work with rule-making and Executive Branch leadership to prevent passage of regulations that would have had a significant negative impact upon this industry. Recognizing that some level of increased regulation appeared inevitable, ESP set up meetings with key State leadership to assure that the regulations would meet the State’s goals without destroying the industry’s ability to prosper.  ESP’s leadership led to a result that all sides could support.

Obtaining Funding Assistance

Representing a major downstate educational institution, ESP successfully obtained a multi-million capital appropriation for needed improvements.  ESP identified key personnel  in government who could assist, then developed a compelling case for our client. The result is that our client is now able to move forward on a major capital project that will use a combination of public and private funds to benefit its students.

Managing a Legislative Agenda

Representing a major New York alliance of health care providers, ESP successfully managed a comprehensive  legislative program for this industry.  In some cases we prevented passage of legislation that would have raised costs for providers, and would have made health care more expensive for the consumer. ESP’s legislation team worked with the Governor’s office, as well as the Senate and Assembly leadership to demonstrate why proposed legislation would have had a negative impact upon New York’s health care industry.

At the same time we successfully promoted legislation that would benefit delivery of health care,  as well as negotiating compromises that brought together the diverse interests of providers, consumers, providers, and employees in cases where a successful outcome depended on modifications to proposed legislation.

By adopting a realistic approach to the legislative and regulatory process, ESP led our clients to the most successful possible outcome.